25 Housing units at Mondonville

  • The Mondonville town centre, located in the greater Toulouse region, has been undergoing restructuring for several years. In front of its new town hall, in tune with its old core, the church, the media library, a landscape park and a few new housing units are set to frame the town square. Our project is aligned with the historical references of Toulouse identity, which are represented by the terracotta, the tiles and a sequencing inspired by the old buildings of the city. The residential building features a simple and linear volume in R+2 with a few shops at the ground floor with their main entrance on the town hall square. Its image is conceived in an utterly contemporary style to glorify the urban space with simple forms and materials. The body of the building is white, set with elegance on a discreet terracotta base, enhancing the image, the representative nature of a modern town core close to the roots of its identity.

  • FDIM
  • R&C architect director, BET : BETEP, ABM – Economist : EEC, Imaging : Les Yeux Carrés
  • 2018
  • 2 356 m2
  • 2 200 000 € pre-tax (pre-infrastructure)