Insertion 3D, vue sur la terrasse couverte extérieure surplongeant le Tarn Insertion 3D, vue d'une chambre de l'Hôtel surplombant le Tarn Vue d'une chambre de l'Hôtel surplombant le Tarn, motifs des tapisseries Toulouse Lautrec


  • A volumetric composition of a hotel on a classified site …

  • The Hotel Mercure Albi Bastides is located at the heart of the episcopal town listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site; originally an old mill house converted into a hotel to provide its clients a top class service in an exceptional frame. Our project aims to rehabilitate the rooms in a contemporary and muffled atmosphere reminiscent of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec’s personality thanks to subtle interventions. The spacious arrangements planned according to the rules of ergonomics and design witness our functional ambition translated into refined and minimalist lines. The international clientele has also inspired the arrangements and our view aiming at a clear and adapted perception of space.

    The way we conceived the project is based on a dialogue between the furniture and the walls in order to visually expand the rooms.

    The interior design is comfortable and cosy, provided with a discreet and integrated equipment.

    We enhanced a warm and dynamic atmosphere created by our choice of noble materials, enabling the clients to relax and rest.

  • NC
  • R & C architect
  • 2021
  • NC