• Renovation of 49 flats and one cottage [ type 5 ]

  • Composed of three buildings dating back to the sixties, this dilapidated residence including 50 council flats in three buildings represents well a past architectural period. Being a real sieve in terms of energy waste, we opted for an outside insulation redesigning the balconies and the loggias so that they are real living places and not only storage areas.

    Therefore thanks to this relooking treatment, we brushed up again a modern and prestigious housing image for the inhabitants. Entrances and flats have been the target of a deep renovation. The creation of a single-family five bedroom home T5 accomplished our flats plan. The renovated area swept away the past and gave a new architectural identity to the town centre.

  • La cité jardins
  • REC architect - BET : SNC LAVALIN, MAS company construction, CRESPY company construction
  • 2012
  • 2 500 000 €