Perspective 3D depuis l'un des balcon du bâtiment Façade 3D côté rue du bâtiment

    84 Housing in Gascony Parc

  • 80 flat multiple unit housing and 4 houses

  • This intervention, including 80 multiple unit housing and 4 houses, slotted in in the orientation and urban planning, meets the development needs of Mondonville. Located in the great Toulouse crown area, this municipality interprets the situation of these transformed territories where stereotyped architecture cannot fit in. Therefore, our team worked to enhance a contemporary architectural style without neglecting the terracotta roof tile that represents a true benchmark of territorial identity. The project can smoothly slot in within a site, lacking any urban planning reflection, where the densification is very intense, thanks to the way the volumes have been designed in R+1 and R+2. The views, the choice of materials, combined with a simple and minimalist architectural language, open a dialogue with the old centre, without running the risk of creating a pastiche reproducing the traditional habitat. The work with the local actors on the links with the soft paths, different areas and public buildings will contribute too to create housing clusters where the diversity of the scale banishes any hint of car traffic to offer better living conditions.

  • Greencity
  • R&C director, BET : G2, BETEP, ABM – Economist : EEC
  • 2018
  • 4 922 m2
  • 5 850 000 € HT (excluding roads and utilities)