Image 3D extérieure de jour, du projet immobilier ABA à Blagnac Image 3D aérienne, de jour, du projet immobilier ABA à Blagnac Image 3D extérieure au soir, du projet immobilier ABA à Blagnac


  • The ABA real estate complex combines several activities on one single housing cluster. A deep work of connections with the surrounding territory of the town has been undertaken, born of a reflexion on the urban area densification on the surrounding outskirts of a big provincial town. This project, whose goal is to open a dialogue among the different urban scales, includes office areas, a 200-room hotel, shops and underground parkings. The different modes of inland transports, the pedestrian and bike traffic along green areas have represented a relevant benchmark organizing at most the space potential of the site.

    Our project aims at creating quality areas where the light, the views and conviviality come from daring architectural choices. Our vision places these buildings in their own context ensuring thanks to a thoughtful planning, a well-balanced, solid and environmentally responsible architecture. The volumes are discreet and designed to unveil a consistent architectural complex.  A rigorous grid, punctuated by thorns protecting from the sunlight, marks the rhythm of the leading lines creating subtle optical patterns. The noble materials stand out and punctuate the technical aspect enhancing the future users’ excellence and expertise.

  • REC architect, Economist : Alayrac
  • 50 000 m2
  • 65 000 000 € pre- tax