Deux photographies. Vue de la passerelle extérieure sous le préau Photographie centrale de l'entrée du bâtiment Photographie des bâtiments d'enseignement et des escaliers extérieurs Photographie d'une salle de travaux pratiques Photographie des bâtiments d'enseignement depuis l'éxtérieur


  • High school for 1700 pupils in Blagnac

  • The aeronautical high school, located on the outskirts of the ZAC Andromède which is being urbanized around the village of Blagnac, welcomes 1 700 pupils. Being visually close to the AIRBUSES A380 and A350 assembly halls is an indisputable motivation for young people attracted by the aeronautical professions. The secondary school organized regularly along a geotextile structured mail, regroups classrooms, the boarding school and the technical education. The contemporary building has been conceived in a strict architectural style put the stress on the concrete and metal structured in horizontal lines as if it was a mini-campus. The different buildings presenting green areas demand an open organization to guide better all the students. Its raw character and its white shades confer a modern dimension to the place in tune with the industrial aircraft manufacturer located a hundred metres away.

  • R&C architect, Sutter & Taillandier architects, J.F Sirvain architect - BET : BEFS, BETCE - ECONOMIST : BATECO
  • 2004
  • 21 850 m2
  • 18 000 000