• 11 units in a heritage area of quality

  • Close to the town centre, in a residential neighbourhood in the south east side of Albi, this building is classified as an ancient monument. It is composed of a castle, a few follies, a fountain and an environmental park. A major civil realization of the architect from Albi Léon DAURES, this remarkable architectural symbol, echoed the economic success of his sleeping partner, Leopold MALPHETTES, who achieved his success from a local cement plant.

    Witness of the bourgeois, historicist and regionalist eclecticism in the architecture in the thirties, the originality of the castle resides in its concept of a complex with notably a load-bearing concrete and brick structure, showing the features of the first quarter of the 20th century. As the project aimed at a dialogue between the building and its heritage elements, the plan of a complete renovation consists in dividing the complex into eleven individual buildings, respecting the existent heritage areas.

    The bathroom and kitchen equipment have been installed to accomplish this exemplary, complete renovation and to realize all the facilities needed in a contemporary context, elegant and functional furniture in a minimalist style. The minimalist and contemporary style of these pragmatic sculptures are fully in tune with the 18th century or Art deco decorations, which represent the most remarkable rooms of the castle.

  • R&C architect representative of the opération