REC winner of the competition for the new Airbus logistic platform

Jointly with the group led by GBMP, REC is award winner for the competition for the new logistic platform project, measuring more than 36 000 m ², on behalf of Airbus, which is called the « LOGISTIC HUB CABIN 350 » in the area between Barquil and Cornebarrieu.

A functional and linear architecture, whose aesthetics is in tune with the existent context to assure a maximal insertion in the site, which undergoes strong regulation constraints. It is a sound architectural project fully in tune with the environmental heritage and with a potential that can be developed in the future.


REC selected to carry out the gymnasium at l’Isle Jourdain

REC is the award winner of the competition for the gymnasium located at L’Isle Jourdain.

Omnisport and multipurpose rooms will be planned jointly, within two ochre bricks surfaces to create a new urban landmark, in a site subject to strong pressure, close to the 22nd middle school, located in Gers. It is a warm-hearted and bright, inspired and inspiring plan, for sports training of the pupils and the dynamic associative context of the Gascony area of Toulouse.


Inauguration of the airport plateform of La Rochelle/ île de Ré

Photo de l'aérogare de La Rochelle

With the inauguration of its new terminal, Rochelle / island of Ré airport celebrates its international traffic, due to a full overhaul of the reception structures for the passengers, the arrival and departure expanded halls. REC is proud to contribute to this opening jointly with its associate Vincent Gauthier.

On July 8th, 2016, the mayor Jean-François Fountaine launched these new extensions, which are meant to improve the reception of the passengers and promote the airport platform of this region mainly dedicated to tourism. The utterly modern and elegant restructuring and extension plan, at affordable cost, is a sound representative image for New Aquitaine.


E-Tera building is progressively taking place

News from the construction site! Designed volumes, a graphic and mathematical surface taking shape, the E-Tera buildings starts revealing its identity. After the subframe cast of the joineries positioned with a laser system, the teams now are about to work at the pose of the external coating! We bet that shortly this external shell will merge with the landscape of Albi with its digital feature.


Work in progress in Corse

News from the construction site! After the earthwork interventions, which have turned out very well these last months, the big pole works led by Regis Griffon and Stephane Bouvet as local supervisors  of the building site, is happy to announce that the foundation casting process started this summer.The new shopping reference of the island has its home on the heights of Ajaccio.


REC in competition for the Oujda stadium

REC participates to an international competition for the « Big stadium »building project of Oujda in Morocco, a joint venture with three local architects. Meant to host important competitions, the project will be built according to the current FIFA norms and it will be able to welcome 45 000 visitors. Our project is created thanks to the Oujdi sponsorship of the emblematic international sportsman Abdelatif Benazzi.

See the project


Inauguration at Mondonville

On Thursday, April 14th, the inauguration of the new Town hall and the new Multimedia library of Mondonville took place. The ceremony was chaired by the mayor Edmund Desclaux and was held in the presence of Jean-Luke Moudenc, president of Toulouse Métropole and mayor of Toulouse as well as of other local elected representatives. It was a pleasure to work with the local team, a heartfelt thank you to everybody for this unanimously appreciated project meant to be home of the People and the Republic.


REC join the HYPERLOOP adventure

REC crosses the borders of the France once again. Jointly with the HYPERLOOP TEAM, TORONTO, the team accepted to work for Elon MUSK (creator of PayPal and TESLA) to complete a new modality of transport: capsules moving in a tube in sidereal space to link up L.A. and S.F in half an hour at the crazy speed of about 1000km / hour. Next step: unknown


The operational fire and rescue service of CARAMAN

Photographie du projet du centre d'incendie et de secours de Caraman

Thanks to an early delivery, REC, its partners and firms give the firefighters of Caraman a new competitive and smart tool. This new centre of fire and rescue, which has been appreciated by both the executives and the firefighters, is at the leading edge of technology to meet the needs of a geographical area that is expanding demographically.


REC winner of the competition for the head office of the Espace Sud Martinique

Image en perspective 3D du bâtiment pensé par REC architecture pour le concours du siège de l’Espace Sud Martinique.

At the end of the negotiation, REC, jointly with ALAIN ZOZOR and BIEB Engineering were awarded as winners of the competition to plan the Espace Sud Martinique headquarter. DAVID RECHATIN is particularly fond of this project: the first plan to be carried out on the land of his childhood. Congratulations to the team of the project plan and can’t wait for the kick-off of the studies !