REC winner with NEXITY for the project of the UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL of Toulouse

Image en perspective 3D des logements du CHU de Toulouse.

A good beginning of the fourth quarter with the success of the team carried out by Next in the acquisition of a plot of the UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL of Toulouse. These are about 300 lots divided in student accommodations, free accommodations and an intergenerational social residence planned by REC. Immediate kick-off …


Inauguration de la Plaine des Sports de Buchelay

Photographie de l'inauguration de la Plaine des Sports de Buchelay

A successful day at Bachelor under a glorious sun enhancing the dynamic lines of the new multi sports ground. The mayor PAUL MARTINEZ was happy to introduce to his constituents the sunny dance room, the ultra-equipped bodybuilding room as well as the welcoming dojo. The quality of the project was not tainted in spite of countless misadventures. A big thank you from the REC team to the sport executive manager, the inimitable Grigori OBREJA, and to MICHAËL SWINEHERD, the technical services manager.


REC selected to carry out the new commercial pole of Ajaccio

In order to complete successfully the project of its commercial complex, which required an investment of more than 60 million euros, the direction of the Ajaccio Commercial Centre contacted REC and its partners to carry out successfully the operation. The triple skill of ultramarine projects, the perfect knowledge of the large retailers and the attention to the architectural quality of the details turned out to be a very attractive feature. Official opening in the second part of 2017 …


REC chosen to conceive the new long-range surveillance unit of the Salable hospital

Image en perspective 3D aérienne de l’hôpital Marchand

It is with a nice independent building society located in the Midi Pyrénées, GBMP that REC is going to collaborate, on the site of the psychiatric hospital of Toulouse, concerning the realization of a complex regrouping 14 beds within the reinforced residential unit, 22 beds in the geriatric psychiatry ward and 44 beds in the long-grange surveillance unit. Results will be visible at the end of year 2015 …


Official opening of the CPAM of Tarn

Photographie de groupe pour l'inauguration du bâtiment de la CPAM du Tarn, pendant le découpage du ruban bleu

At the end of the equipment of the building, which lasted four months and was carried out by the services of the Caisse, Mrs CARDINALE, head of department of the CPAM, cut the blue cordon, accompanied by the CNAM president along with other personalities, among whom there were the Prefect of Tarn and of the Head of the departmental council. At the end of the guided tour, they have been able to appreciate the contemporary building with 4 500m ² of functional and bright offices where the essential teams of Tarn will be regrouped. Created out of a property development contract and carried out by a general firm, SOCOTRAP, the plan has been realized within very tight time limits allowed by this procedure.


REC selected to compete with the MRL project of the University Paul Sabatier de Toulouse.

Image 3D en perspective du bâtiment MRL de l’Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse

COMUE, in charge of the realization of the CAMPUS plan, informed REC and its co-contractors that they have been selected to work on the project of ma Maison de la Réussite en Licence. The 15 million euro plan concerns the grouping of students about to get their degree in a dedicated unit. RUDY RICCIOTI and AMSYCOM are the other selected contestants.


REC linked to the concept/implementation team for AIRBUS

Image en perspective 3D du bâtiment M69 pur AIRBUS

The south energy M69 post is the subject of a project for AIRBUS. Among the selected teams, SCHNINDLER / GCC / REC Architecture team / INEO / Cape Ingelec show complementary skills and excellent structures able to meet perfectly the client‘s expectations.


Sylvia PINEL visits Mondonville, Minister of Social Housing, equality of territories and rural development

Photographie de la visite à Mondonville de Sylvia Pinel, ministre du logement, de l’egalité des territoires et de la ruralité

After her intervention in the Perséides school gymnasium in December, Mrs PINEL honours us with her visit as part of his Tour de France concerning social housing once again. She appreciated the architectural plan, its insertion in the existent texture and the urban dimension adapted by this future heart of Mondonville.


Welcome to 2015

Illustration 3D du logo pour 2015

It is the time to open the firm to new horizons, with new meetings, exciting plans and competent partners, research departments and companies. Living here in France in such a complex situation nowadays, we bet on a professional team, passionate by architecture and deep reflexion, determined and inventive. Talented women and men, together under the REC group flag.


Delivery of ‘Les Perseides’

Photographie d'une vue du côté de l'école

Successful back to school at the school group “Perseids” in ZAC Andromeda of Blagnac. Perfectly organized by the city services and faculty, students were able to discover their new establishment. REC and its partners are pleased to make room for the kids at this contemporary school …
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