Deux photographies. Vue des bâtiments d'enseignement depuis la cour de récréation Photographie du collège depuis la cour de récréation, avec des tables de ping pong Photographie du bâtiment depuis la fenêtre d'une classe

    College 400

  • Extension of the college SEGPA: 2 workshops-kitchen, 2 classrooms, 3 residences of function

  • On an abrupt slope, the building in the Lauragais area privileges a functional architecture.

    “An educational place, a respectful environmental insertion of the city of Caraman “. This quotation of the project management competition sums up entirely this plan. Located on 2 trays on a 12m gradient, the secondary school extension (classrooms and SEGPA) is a logical addition to the previous complex opened to the Pyrenees and the south. In the lower part of the site, the 3 accommodations for the civil servants present a wall of massive bedrock. Inscribed in a classified area, the plan takes into account the imposed guidelines to establish a dialogue between old Caraman and the secondary school in the vertical lines. Concrete, clay and Bakelite wood are the essential materials of a rational perspective allowing the pupils make the most of the surrounding landscape with the Lauragais region and with the Pyrenees.

  • REC architect for the operation - BET: ENGINEERING STUDIO
  • 2011
  • 1 500 m2
  • 2 450 000 €