• A soft insertion in the Lauragais landscape

  • The project has been developed according to two distinct areas concerning bulk and architecture. In order to manage the building expenses, the industrial resolution for the bone and steel structure has been obtained by filling the walls with a vertical blade framing. The role of a framing plan, in a visible concrete bedrock, linked to a worked texture facade composition, gives a contemporary image to the project, managing the constraints and needs of maintenance and service.

    The bulk is adapted to the ground and is gently inserted in its slope. Facing north, the building is buried and benefits from an important thermal inertia. Facing south, it unfolds entirely its long facade, bathed by natural light. The users can enjoy an exceptional view on the Pyrenees when the weather is fine thanks to the altimetry of Caraman.

  • SDIS of the Haute-Garonne
  • REC architect representative of the operation - BET : Serige , Transenergie - Economist : Ergo
  • 2014
  • 1 183 m2
  • 1 337 000 €