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    Grègues shopping centre

  • A dynamic pole for St Joseph

  • Future large scale centre in the south of Reunion Island, the Grègues project shows the REC group expertise and know how on shopping centres and architectural planning in a tropical area. Our architects chose to bear in mind a circumstanced vision, adjusted to the local geographical and cultural needs. Therefore, the sloping land, the dominating winds and the typical architecture of the island have shaped this future equipment. Its three level organisation puts the stress on quality and a functionalist interpretation, offering to the onlooker light and shadow play and interesting perspectives. Conceived as a mirror to the gorgeous landscape surrounding the site, our teams worked on this shopping centre project to slot it in in its context reinterpreting the surrounding landscape, underlining the bond between nature and architecture. Grègues will represent an environmentally friendly project eager to live fully in tune with its fragile territory that is undergoing a development phase.

  • Grand Sud sauvage développement
  • REC architect director, BET : Becice, Omega, FEDT, Cotel, Economist : Alayrac, landscape architect : YCP
  • 2019
  • 20 250 m2
  • 30 000 000 € pre-tax