Photographie des bâtiments d'enseignement depuis la cour intérieure Deux photographies. Intérieur d'une salle de travaux pratiques et extérieur depuis la cour Deux photographies. Vue globale d'un bâtiment d'enseignement et details Photographie des bâtiments d'enseignement depuis les toits


  • Renovation and extension of Sidobre Comprehensive High School in Castres

  • Sidobre high school in Castres gave the impression of being a building and intervention patchwork 80 years ago. Confronted with the eclectic additions, we went for an overall plan, collecting and enhancing the clarity and quality of areas, and respecting the educational continuity. At the end of several reconstruction and demolition steps, this last one will come out with simplicity and sobriety.

    We considered the plan as a support for the young, promoting various jobs, educating them to architecture. So, concrete, wood, metal and glass will be implemented with quality and modernity. In front of the general education building and the boarding school ingots, relooked by an outwardly insulation, we decided to restructure the workshops, consequently organized around a gallery in U surrounding the courtyard, such as a square in a village.

    This plan fully expresses the political ambition of the Region Midi-Pyrénées in terms of sustainable development. We would like to enhance in this building the local silvicultural resources present at Sidobre in an environmentally friendly dynamics.

  • REC architect representative of the operation, M.Sery architect - BET : BETEM, HQE : TRANSÉNERGIE SUD, ÉCONOMISTE : ALAYRAC
  • 2014
  • 12 476 m2
  • 8 600 000 €