Hospital centre extension and restructuring

  • An extension -restructuring combining modernity and tradition for the Maore population…

    The extension of the hospital of Mamoudzou turned out to be a true challenge. There were important needs to meet, and the whole population was longing for a modern equipment. Emergency, imagery, hospitalization, neonatology, administration and the nursing college define the program. Besides the hospital constraints, the site presented a difficult situation as its interventions which were taking place were linked to one another, and this led our team to re-think of its architectural solution several times. Indeed, this hospital had to take into account of existent dilapidated areas, to future evolutions, to envisage what the needs to come would demand as necessary targets for this building. A compound of curved roofing and concrete interlocked, our plan presenting sober lines shows our concept of a modern public equipment, inscribed in the centre of Mamoudzou, a sensitive area of Mayotte.

  • Mayotte Health Center
  • R & C, REC architect, C & H architect, AMA architect associate - BET: SECHAUD AND BOSSUYT, ECONOMIST: MAZET AND ASSOCIATESonomist
  • 2010
  • 36 000 000 €