Hospital centre restructuring and extension

  • The CH new entrance, Gaillac

  • The hospital complex of Gaillac undertook a renovation and extension project concerning the health centre. Inscribed at the core of a long-term leading framework, this intervention including the chemist’s, computer services, administration, the long term care unit and medicine unit (60 beds), is of pivotal importance for the future life of the establishment.

    As a new feature of the hospital complex of Gaillac, the project is meant to be perceived on the site as a circumstantial and a defined architectural insertion, a sober and modern, anchored project in its territory. It will present itself as a set square in clay included in the existent volume covered by a rippling metallic envelope. The once ubiquitous car will be hidden from now on in a turfed stall with espaliers which will conceal the parking. One of the strong targets the project has focused on will be the creation of the new entrance of the hospital complex and its identity. Through a true square along the building, the town planning and the signs will play a major role for the contemporary image of the future hospital complex.

  • Hospital Center of Gaillac
  • R&C architect - BET Grontmij BEFS - HQE Transénergie – Economist: Alayrac – Acoustician: Tyssere and associates
  • 2018
  • 4 700 m2
  • 6 400 000 €