• An industry leader in the deep south

  • The wide range skill German family firm LIEBHERR owns its own aeronautical company in the Southwest orientated aeronautics.

    REC, jointly with its partners, interprets LIEBHERR’s projects and took part in various restructuring interventions (RE, NBI), extension (NBL) or creation such as the ISA plan (Incorporation of the Air Systems), delivered in 2011. This extremely complex operation of 12 800 m ² surface underlines the need of modularity, technology and the pressure coming from test benches and high expectations concerning the environmental impact. The building also benefits from an anechoic room (adapted for testing sound impact) of 80 m3, a unique concept in Europe in this area of activities.

    It is also the NBL plan, aiming at rationalizing the logistical fluxes and quality control of the coming in and going out products. In this extension, a semi-automated reception and stocking process allows to meet needs at best in aircraft industrial rooms under continuous monitoring.

  • Liebherr
  • REC architect - BET : Technisphère representative of the operation
  • 2014