Image 3D, vue d’ensemble du bâtiment depuis les jardins Image 3D, depuis les allées extérieures Image 3D, vue de l'entrée principale, rez-de-chaussé Image 3D, vue des escacliers, niveau 1

    Maison de la Réussite en licence

  • Université Paul Sabatier

  • At the heart of the Paul Sabatier University campus at Toulouse, the “Maison de la réussite en licence » re-reads in a modern way an atemporal architecture conceived by René Egger in the 60’s.This rational and repetitive composition, perfectly proportioned and based on an orthogonal framework, is still very visible on the campus site.


    The campus project aims at one goal: the students’ success and fulfilment. To make it happen, we focused and worked on interweaving themes, on sustainable development to create a reassuring building, heading to comfort and conviviality. We have therefore designed a new centrality for a complex meant as a signal, a place offering students all the necessary elements to succeed.


    Besides a rational and clear organization, the REC architects have conceived a spacious project around a generous five-storey hall, underlining its vertical volume, which represented an identity flaw of the MRL. On the façade, a double skin of enamelled terra cotta functions as a solar conveyor punctuating the volumes through a subtle game of variations and orientations. The graphic surface is meant to evoke the standardised prefabricated concrete elements, opening a dialogue with the historical buildings of the site. Therefore, this project slots in its context for a place of excellence that will host encounters and exchanges.

  • University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier
  • REC architect director, BET : BEFS, ADDENDA, Emacoustic, Economist : Alayrac, OPC : INAFA, Ergonomics : MB2 Conseils, Landscape architect : Artline
  • Concours non lauréat
  • 9 400 m2
  • 15 000 000 € pre-tax