Airport mp² extension

  • The intervention planning is part of a global energizing and development strategy of the Marseille airport. Bearing in mind the “hall low cost” pre-existent building perspective, the mp² restructuring due to its expansion, the boarding halls extension and the arrival hall allow managing the passengers’ flow.

    Our team’s goal was clear: we aimed to slot in our project in the pre-existent context in an appropriate and simple way in order to create an effective project moneywise.

    The strength points of this perspective are the following:

    – An optimised jetty providing 9 plane-docking stations in “Nose in” modality.

    – A neat architecture, linear and inserted in the mp² perspective to ensure an effective and concise phasing of the site.

    Our architectural choice enhances here a fluid and minimalist style of the different actors of the site. The geometrical structure is clear and easy to visualize making sure its economic effectiveness within the architectural path. The volume design is compact and simple evoking the pre-existent building.

    Our architectural vision is discreet but designed to provide visual comfort to the passengers, to reassure the onlooker with penetrating visual solutions in a smooth and coloured environment.

  • REC architecte, BET : Betem contractor, Sogeti, TG Concept
  • 7 700 000 € HT