Outpatient surgical unit renovation, Clinique des Cèdres

  • Technical restructuring of the outpatient surgical unit for one of the most important private hospitals of the south of France

    Restructured in 2007, the outpatient surgical unit was a heavy technical restructuring in occupied site. This project required a perfect expertise of functional and security rules due to its all day long medical activities and an effective phasing. On 2 levels between the cloakroom and the operating theatres, the surgical unit devoted to endoscopy has split up into 2 important phases of intervention related to SSI areas. At the end of the interventions, the block expanded to 1 835m²and improved its internal functioning.

    Three additional operating theatres, a re-positioned recovery room as well as a modified circulation sum up an intense program in a restrained space building. The quality of life of the users has been improved due to its developments and the reduced distance between the different units.

  • Capio
  • Rec Architect, BET: BEFS
  • 2009
  • 4 500 m2
  • 2 500 000 € HT