• Concept and project of Majicavo prison, Mayotte

  • The penitentiary projects are particularly unintelligible at first glance. This kind of buildings are based on a specific functionality with several technical, security and safety constraints. However, the location in a tropical area and the difficult penitentiary context encouraged us to revise our approach to go further and pursue more than a simple programmatic and functional solution.

    A prison is a living place, a place of reintegration and visits. Families, children, men and women (supervisors and prisoners) mix on a site which must calm down tensions and allow everybody to live at their best in a suffocating climate. These ideas were transposed onto the buildings to give as much open view as possible on the outside without bothering the nearby environment and providing a soothing place. This star shaped and functional plan kept certain existing areas, allowing an optimum surveillance, perfectly in tune with the Maore culture.

  • A.P.I.J
  • REC architect, AMA architect - VINCI - BET : Y Ingénierie
  • non appointed competition candidate 2011
  • 35 000 000 €