Image perspective 3D de l'école de Fenouillet Image 3D aérienne Image 3D de l'intérieur du hall principal Image 3D de la cour de récréation Image 3D de l'intérieure d'un couloir

    Piquepeyre school complex

  • Simplicity, form and flexibility for a school promoting a new neighbourhood

  • On the hills of the Fenouillet municipality, the new school complex located in the Piquepeyre neighbourhood will show the ambitions of development of the whole geographic sector of the Toulouse metropolitan area.

    This is how we have conceived a project promoting the surrounding urban space with simple forms and materials.

    The building presents an immaculate ground floor on both its urban facades, where a functional parallepipedic storey has been carefully inserted, slightly shifted and cantilevered on the side of the structuring road.

    The sharp edge, with a slightly upward movement, stretches the volume towards the sky, emphasizing in this flexible way the perspective from the square. The school benefits from a very flexible space and the surrounding areas, which are welcomed among the different functions, as well as from well-proven technologies.

    The building presents a particularly effective insulator shell due to the thermal inertia inducted by the concrete construction and the green roof. This set of measures allows obtaining a low energy maintenance system.

    The environmental responsibility, the construction guidelines, and how the functions are aligned are the elements that allowed us to find the solution for our project, in strict compliance with our program. That is how we have created an authentic identity for this key equipment of the new Fenouillet neighbourhood.

  • Municipality of Fenuillet
  • Rec architect director ; BET : Tassera, Gamma, Economist : Alayrac
  • non-winning project
  • 2700 m2
  • 3 950 000 € HT