Place Jean Jaurès

  • A square and a car park at the foot of the UNESCO heritage site

  • The urban development of the small Gambetta square accomplished in 2007 presents two functions: a basement parking service easing the congestion on the road network and also its big esplanade and pedestrian areas. This last area is a pivotal part of the city due to a slab pattern, lawn squares accompanying visually the passers-by to cross the square.

    Besides, several buildings present themselves punctually as semi-covered areas and orientate the walkers physically while creating a graphic movement on the esplanade. This project own a mineral but also a vegetal feature due to the important role played by the chosen material. Finally we have been particularly attentive to the urban furniture design and the architectural aedicula.

  • City of Carcassonne
  • R&C architect, Felice Fanuelle – BET : BEFS, Figueras éclairagiste, Économist : T&C
  • 2011
  • 9 800 000 €