Regional head office ERDF Nord Midi-Pyrénées

  • Trendy offices at the heart of the ZAC Innoprod area…

  • The plan of the new regional ERDF head office is an answer to a coeducational program between offices and technical areas by the creation of two buildings on the plot.

    The service sector building on the avenue is emblematic. Surrounded by a green lawn, it’s smart, sober and discreet. A three storey building, the plan is E shaped, its pediments orientated to the west, giving a tripartite composition to the visitors of the Innoprod area. The building marks the ERDF identity due to a self-defining gable. This façade allows people to observe the inside areas and its activity through the window which are in a blue hue connected to the firm logo.

    The facades are composed of a very competitive insulating envelope, thanks to the solar windows and the efficient technical low energy consuming installations. Aesthetically, it lies on a Havana hued bedrock concrete, unfolding along a pattern of glass and barded vertical elements. The office organization is functional and detailed, and the working areas have been available to let since the beginning. The structure is studied so no load-bearing element might be an obstacle to the office areas.

    The outbuilding technical areas, forming a unique built group at the core of the plot, benefit from a one way circulation through the different zones required in the technical program.

    This homogeneous group planned for ERDF would have shown a smart contemporary aesthetics doubled by real module pattern.

  • ERDF
  • R&C architecte – Developer: Eiffage immobilier – BET : Egis
  • 4 896 m2
  • 5 000 000 € before tax