Residence for dependent seniors at Pont de Salars

  • The retirement home is organized in a sequence of horizontal plateau due to its location in a steeply sloped landscape. The complex of the different volumes creates a slender building with contemporary architectural approach inserted in its context. Actually, as we wish to take into account the building features and the landscape quality of the site, we have proposed two types of interventions suggested by the fundamental references of the pre-existent buildings:

    The extended and lifted areas of the North wing were meant to suggest an architectural unity (ridge height, shape of volumes, colour processing, different material matching and setting up), while the extended area in the South wing had to respond to the contour lines of the site to stage an architectural language enhancing contemporary shapes and local references, such as stone or wood retaining walls.

    All these setting up premises lead us to create a building anchored to its own environment. Therefore, these fundamental project choices hierarchize the perspective and the form of our study to reveal the intervention as transparent and consistent. Like well-known and reputed realizations showing the existent opposition with the expansion, our architectural point of view on form is translated in a mutual enhancement of the pre-existent building context and our project through the most distinctive architectural features.

    The expansion in our project, featuring stone as the main material at the R-2 and R-1 levels, concerns logistics and the activity rooms. For the accommodations and Alzheimer units, we have proposed to identify these areas as the pre-existent context to create a landscaped strata project fully in tune with its frame.

    This contemporary point of view is strengthened by its references picturing the retirement home as a today’s living space. Due to its position and its architecture, the building does not interfere with the pre-existent facades and, on the other hand, it enhances its relationship with the environment. Within this context, our building plays a transitional role between a geometrically designed retirement home and the new arrangements of the landscaped gardens that we would like to enhance.

    As far as the facade design, our project is consistent with our architectural approach. Our project recalls the strong pre-existent elements: slate roofing, plaster, stone walls, and French windows, in a harmonious intervention seeking to provide an adequate and relaxing living environment frame. The volumetric pattern of the glass surface aims to be modern thanks to a sequencing of random drillings.

  • Aveyron public housing office
  • R&C architect in charge of the project, BET: BETEM
  • 2016
  • 2 200 m2
  • 5 000 000 €