Photo Hall d'entrée et détail de l’aéroport de La Rochelle photo Terrasse de l’aéroport de La Rochelle


  • Comfort and space for the Rochelle airport extension...

  • Following the example of several regional airports, Rochelle Ré Island invested in an equipment which has seen a significant evolution of its traffic. The development strategy of its new lines has been very successful but the equipment shows the signs of time, as it isn’t any more updated to the intense seasonal traffic and it gets saturated during the summer. This front-door for the territory is not alluring anymore!!

    The main target of the project is to improve the reception of the passengers, the comfort of the personnel within an environmental perspective, taking into account first of all its activities, while the existing arrival and departure halls will be restructured. The extensions will concern the check in halls with the relocation of the administration and the restaurant. From an architectural point of view, the plan is meant to be a sign and a means of communication, giving a new image of the terminal, a relooked and modern one associated to its own territory.

  • C.C.I. de La Rochelle
  • REC architect for the operation, V. Gauthier associate architect - BET: SNC Lavalin - ACOUSTEX Ingéniérie
  • 2016
  • 2 800 m2
  • 1 300 000 €