Playground equipment COMPLEX

  • Playground equipment and cloakrooms for the sports hall in Saint-Orens de Gameville

  • Shall we conceive cloakroom as average footwear boxes? We cannot imagine as architects that abandoned projects can exist. The city of St Orens de Gameville gave us the opportunity to conceive a few sports fields linked to quality cloakrooms, architectural objects on a classified site. Composed of two wooden buildings divided according to the field orientations, we accomplished two buildings with a precise tile layout punctuated with glass vertical axes. Green roofing, solar panels, outward insulation and wooden panels for the facades are the points summing up the environmental orientation of the plan. The cloakroom plan also includes the installation of two sport fields where a synthetic material is employed, according to the legal norms established by the football and rugby confederations. Its realization represented a real challenge concerning the deadlines in order to allow sportsmen, children, parents and educators to make the most of this equipment.

    Le programme des vestiaires comprend aussi l’installation de deux terrains de sports dont un synthétique répondant aux normes des fédérations de football et de rugby. La réalisation fût par ailleurs un véritable challenge réussi au niveau des délais afin que sportifs, enfants, parents et éducateurs puissent profiter pleinement de ces installations.

  • City of Saint-Orens de Gameville
  • REC architect representative of the operation - BET : sports and vrd osmose - bet fluide : betom
  • 2011
  • 2.330.000 €