Sport centre 4 halls

  • Complexe sportif évolutif couvert de rangueil

  • A sheer diamond for the Rangueil neighbourood…

    The most part

    In the seventies, following the example of numerous cities, Toulouse invested in a progressive covered sports centre. A place of community and sport life, this polyvalent sport hall welcomes wide range of public with a flexible schedule covering long hours.

    Although this project proved to be successful, it’s now showing the signs of time, the COSEC has to be updated to the current sport needs and it charges the neighbourhood with an old fashioned and inadequate image of its equipment, in spite of functioning as an essential link to the urbanity of the district today.

    The new sports centre envisaged by the project would be extremely functional and will be part of the landscape with a modern and sober register. Surrounded by the park and the lawn, on a protective plinth in anthracite concrete, the bulk of the building will shine as a delicately sharpened gem showing white facets, opaque facades enveloping the 6 sport hall lit in the roofing. The only exception in this plan, in the park, such as a curtain, the bedrock realized in opaline armed glass will let guess the nature of the indoors activities, and light up the competition room. From an architectural point of view, the plan takes Le Corbusier‘s principle over which focused on the light role on materials to give a common dynamic picture to the district and its town in identity concerning the indoors activities.

  • Commune de Toulouse
  • REC architect for the operation - BET: BETEM - Economist: BATECO
  • 4.195 m2
  • 3.170.000 €