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    Sport Hall

  • Located at the crossroads of two secondary roads, in a place known as “Cornac Ouest”, the new sport hall at Isle Jourdain is a project inserted in the context of the 22nd secondary school of the department and it is the first of several equipment to come: « the sport thread ».

    Due to its strategical position, it is to become one of the emblematic equipment in the village, benefiting from its position set on a high plot.

    Architecture must bring along a landmark anchored in the village in a deeply functional way. The planning of the building meets the needs and constraints of the site and gives voice to the wish of expansion of the city with the creation of this new entrance.

    Therefore, we have designed a contemporary intervention, and due to its position related to the other area of the planning, the hall is singled out as a different element revealing a coherent reading of an equipment in a new confirmed urban and environmental pattern.

    The sport facilities outdoors are linked to the school complex in a functional way to create direct, immediate and protected passages leading to the different areas.

    The architectural project is meant to bring an optimum cohesiveness and a dialogue between both plans, enhancing two different materials set in horizontal layers. Therefore, the outer skin of the sport hall, presenting a perforated surface of aluminium square volumes, reminds us inevitably of the hue and the performed equipment of the school complex baked clay substructure.

    The sport hall formally gives voice to the functional equipment through two volumes evoking via their simple forms the basic structure of the regional architecture: the brick. These two sport bricks are set on a concrete substructure anchored in the site.

  • CCGT ,project management assistance: COGEMIP
  • Girus, Transenergie, Emacoustic
  • 2018
  • 3.300.000 € pre-tax