Sports Hall at Lescure d’Albigeois

  • Located in the West part of the municipality of Lescure d’Albigeois, not far from the river Tarn, the project is born in a rural context of agricultural land, farmhouses among a loose residential texture.

    It was necessary to create a quality landscape intervention to preserve the neighbourhood life and at the same time to respect this bucolic scenery at both small scale and “big landscape” levels.

    Our spontaneous choice went for a landscape project, including the external programmatic elements and evoking the bucolic codes along with some local details, thick hedges and flowery meadows…while focusing on the flow management to ensure the safety of pedestrians as well. The construction presents a minimalist volume for an easy and straightforward access.

    The range of materials call for longevity, a minimal maintenance, and the financial management of the project. Our bet is to create a project taking into account all the constraints without neglecting the aesthetic features.

    Therefore, the choice of modern materials is meant to witness our intention to create a visually pleasant and lively building making the town more attractive. The project evokes the local identity thanks to the choice of emblematic of the pre-existent architecture, such as clay bricks for the façade and the floors.

    The new sports hall appears compact and functional, respecting all the elements of the programme within a perfect harmony of the volumes, to realise optimised surfaces enhancing flexibility and versatility, focusing on the environmental approach to create a sustainable building.

  • CCGT, Assistant to the project manager: THEMELIA
  • Gardet, Ecovitalis, Cet infra
  • 2017
  • 2.100.000 € pre-tax