The psychiatric residential treatment centre within the Gérard Marchant hospital complex

  • A protected centre, a true place of life and reintegration...

  • The psychiatric residential treatment facility of Auzeville is within the ZAC area at Pont du Bois in the immediate outskirts of Toulouse. Presenting a contemporary and sober image, this building is composed of 2 wings including 20 rooms, workshops, and of consultation offices. Its concept privileges the notions of privacy, the public / private threshold is a synthesis of the client’s view who cares about the quality of the easily accessible public health buildings.

    Its dark bedrock allure in raw concrete emphasizes the white purified floor including night areas. This centre has its own personality in terms of architecture and its environmental approach matches with a traditional residential urban context.

  • Gérard Marchant Hospital Center
  • REC architect - BET: Technisphere, 3J Technology - Bourdarios company agent
  • 2010
  • 1 200 m2
  • 2 000 000 €