• Construction of 22 residential units and 8 houses individual

  • This property, a 22 flat block and 8 individual houses in Carthusian monasteries, is inscribed in an urban texture which is becoming denser. In tune with the public sector, the collective housing is singled out by their own composition and their contemporary design.

    The first and second floors are characterized by an empty and full space pattern in white concrete to reveal a metallic outside structured attic withdrawing on the inside. Partly on the back of the property, the individual houses reminds us of the street building façade with the withdrawn areas imposed by the current norms. The residence with its simple and purified lines is meant to be compact but with en elegant allure, combining a classic structure with a contemporary architectural design.

  • REC architect representative of the opération, - BET : Technisphère
  • Not awarded as winner
  • 1620 m2
  • 2 010 350 €