• 50 flats in BBC, business, services and nursery

  • A town entrance deserves an architectural quality treatment. This approach of the area near Toulouse led to us to conceive with care this building including 50 flats, a 3 000 m ² commercial area, a 500 m ² day nursery and a 500 m ² surface devoted to offices. The concept of this plan with an environmental approach comes from a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic bedrock, body, attic composition introducing shades and materials.

    The sober design is punctuated by 3 materials and gives a chromatic hue to the building. The anthracite grey Bakelite bedrock is under a concrete cap. The white central body is punctuated with a balcony loggia. Finally the lightly structured attic is wooden covered. The whole complex forms a consistent and uniform built front in contrast with the national road which unveils partly on the back, sheltered from the noise of the city, a quiet green space adapted for all. This dense plan marks the entrance of Toulouse and establishes a transition with the commercial area nearby.

  • 14 000 000 €