Photographie de l’amphithéâtre rénové vue depuis le bas Photographie de l’amphithéâtre rénové vue centrale depuis le bas Deux photographies. Perspective et détails de la salle Deux photographies. Détails du mur en bois et vue du bureau de l'enseignant de l’amphithéâtre


  • 1A building renovation, Toulouse University, Paul Sabatier

  • The campus of the university Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III, has undergone for several years numerous restructurings and extensions. The REC group delivered four plans in the educational and research section. Amphitheatres (1A, 2A), ecology labs (4R1), teaching rooms (3TP2) sum up the rich architectural experiments exchanged with the UPS. All these plans show the following common traits: dramatic restructurings meeting strong technical constraints.

    The restructuring of the 4R1, a building measuring more than 6 500m ² was a remarkable plan, where the Centre for the Study of the Biosphere and the labs or the ecology research confederation have their headquarters. The major points of this very rewarding plan were represented by high quality architectural concrete dating back to the sixties, the update of current norms taken into account by a rich program. The plan has been appreciated and considered as an exemplary renovation during the patrimonial audit led by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2012.

  • Université Paul Sabatier III
  • REC architect - BET : BETOM
  • 2011
  • 10 250 m2
  • 9 000 000 €