• Atlantis aquatic center in Albi

  • Opened in 2002, the water sport centre Atlantis is not only a swimming pool but a relaxing place for children and adults. The centre includes a 25m sport pool, a training pool basin, a diving pit, a shallow pool for children with an express river, a whirlpool bath, beachcomber shower, massage jets, two paddling pools and a children’s slide. Its modern curved form architecture is meant to reveal a playful and soft, flexible side. Composed of a laminated glued timber framework, the water sport centre forms recall water and waves. The quality of the open areas allows leisure activities to a substantial affluence and they can welcome different kinds of public coming for a wide range of activities.

  • R&C architect - JAPAC - BET : TAMARINDI, BEE, ETB
  • 2009
  • 11.700.000 €