Who we are

REC is a French architecture firm founded in 2001. The group came together with patience as architects and engineers met over time, sharing a certain vision of architecture and the wish to design and carry out exciting and varied projects. REC architecture currently includes fifty employees on three different sites: Toulouse Blagnac, Albi and Paris.


Open space de l'atelier REC Blagnac

A team

On each site, the teams carry out the projects supervised by the branch office managers or the associates. Each REC partner creates, develops and then builds architecture applying common sense, driven by the challenges implied by the place, the program and the users.
Each range of project needs an open-minded attitude and avoiding all dogmatism, habit or model to find the most adequate solutions for each specific case. We do believe that each project represents a unique vision, the result of the teams’ collaborative research, well aware that we constantly have to free ourselves from the established standards.

If we consider that diversity is a source of suggestions and creativity, REC is a united team committed to create unique projects.



The context

The inevitable change in the construction process creates an increasing complexity we have to bear in mind and master in our perpetual challenge as architects.

To carry out this, we need to be proactive to acquire new expertise and necessary tools required by the project management according to the type of project. We also need to be determined in order to overcome multiple obstacles from the preliminary rough outline to final phase of a successful project.



Creating a project or participating to the urban planning of a town compels us to adjust to a long-term perspective:
In the evolution of the architectural projects over time, ranging from 40 years from some of them and more than a century for others, we have to imagine the changing process of each practice, usage, assignment, technicality, which are going to modify undeniably our first approach. It is up to us to provide an evolutionary sustainability within a vision meant as a perspective of our changing world.
It is in this way we will build our city of the future, well aware of the long-term consequences over time of our intervention to generations to come for whom we build up their life frame, responsible of this living together that we cherish.



Building living spaces, working spaces, leisure areas, health units…it has to meet an appropriate and eligible need. We listen to our clients to fulfil it and to add a further poetic and generous dimension to our projects.

The most beautiful goal of the architect is to understand, to observe visually, to analyse the words or the actions to create a place. We conceive built, landscaped, visual and bright envelopes providing the users with functionality, comfort and enjoyment.
It is through functionality, a collective and complex project, that REC has been able to combine effectiveness and a poetic vision of the place, this architectural emotion ensuring that each project is unique.

We support the idea that the quest for this optimum functionality- representing the sine qua non of all our projects- is closely related to the architectural emotion. We can only conceive space related to light and matter: we think it is at the core of a pure plan or a cross-section where poetry is born.

Therefore, all the societal and environmental aspects feed and inspire our work. Being very closely connected to our clients and able to listen to their needs, we analyse heading to the best measures, within project synthetizing the advantages of a multi-disciplinary complex way of thinking. Figuring out buildings, modelling them, constructing them, thanks to a successful strategy, constantly energises our architectural vision.


40 employees

The core of the group is located at Blagnac where the branch office managers meet to ensure cohesion and the overall view to the project. Our professional practice implies sharing knowledge, topics and working guidelines. The exchange among the project managers and the architects who designed the project is a regular practice for a better expertise.




David Rechatin

Graduate from the School of Architecture in Toulouse.

David RECHATIN created REC architecture in 2001 after working as an associate with Jean Pierre BUFFI in Paris and in the most relevant firms in the South West of France. Once he developed a solid know how with hospital and business area projects, he has been able to enhance his own vision of the project, related to functionality, cost management, project management in diverse competitions, conception-construction or property development contracts, always focused on creating a temporary pilot project, without a dogmatic view.

The communication with the client plays a pivotal role; he is the spokesperson for R&C architectural know how. His team supports him with energy, in all the projects that have been conceived and realized in metropolitan and overseas France as well as abroad.

Olivier Bescond

Graduate from the School of Architecture in Toulouse.

Olivier BESCOND studied architecture at the “School of Architecture’ in Toulouse and in Montreal, Canada and joined REC architecture in 2005 after working as a partner in several of the most relevant firms in the South West of France. A passionate architect, he focuses on assembling a functional vision to an aesthetic one, along with an attentive technical research towards the project managers’ expectations. This attitude lies on curiosity and creativity as well as a precise architectural vision of the REC group. He aims at realising an architectural and identity building language to work on the widest range possible of projects.

Every day he is passionate and driven about creating, guiding the teams to carry out the future REC projects. His multi-disciplinary teams head the group towards the challenges we set with the following leitmotiv: do not be biased or listen to pre-conceived ideas.


Range of partners


BEFS, AGIR, Alayrac, Bécice, Florence AT, BETEM Ingénierie, Bouloc, CAP MAS, MDT, EEC, EICB, ETB, Evéo, Gamba,GFC,GFC, GT Ingénierie, JRobert, Les Yeux carrés, CETEFF, Sete, Technisphère, Transénergie, Atelier Paysage, Bateco, Baloide, Ceret traductions, Stec, Sérige, Ergo, Tassera, IDTECH, Leconte, Tucana, GEA, Sompayrac, Spydair, Edeis



ALDI, Athenais St Gaudens, BUT, Sport 2000, Boulanger, RAGT, KIABI, Capital Invest Nouméa, Castorama, Creazone, Moullin Trafford, DARTY, Décathlon, Duprat SA, Ecomag, Emaline, Forest Invest, Pizza Hut, Nikaiadis, Redeim, Unimag, Mapuy, CFA Valbonne, CFA Atlantique, Gecos, Gramont Terroir, 3CI, CBI, Multiplex Mont-de-Marsan, Parkridge, RCF,LIDL, Domaine de la Rochette, Koutio, La Devèze, PARTNERS OF THE GROUP : E.Leclerc : E.Leclerc center at Auch, E.Leclerc center at St Gaudens, E.Leclerc center at Blagnac, E.Leclerc center at Saint Orens de Gameville, E.Leclerc center at Villemur-sur-Tarn, E.Leclerc center in Rodez, E.Leclerc center in Limoux, E.Leclerc center at Graulhet, E.Leclerc center at La Teste de Buch, E.Leclerc center in Ajaccio, E.Leclerc center at Guéret, E.Leclerc center at la Souterraine, E.Leclerc, La Réunion, E.Leclerc center at Saint-Jean du Falga, OCIDIM, AIM, JLM, STORIM


AIRBUS, ACTIA, CONSUEL, LIEBHERR, SNCF, Domaine de Cransac,Château Les Vignals, Calvignac farm, RAGT, SCHNEIDER, INFOMIL, Degrémont, Lallemand, OTV, Le Chêne Vert, SCEA FABRE, Immotherm, MSE, SOS, SAFRA, ROUCAYROL, CONTINENTAL, TYCO


Municipality of Albi, Municipality of Buchelay, Municipality of Blagnac, Municipality of Fenouillet, Municipality of Mondonville, Municipality of Portet-sur-Garonne, Municipality of Daumazan, Municipality of Saint-Orens de Gameville, Municipality of Toulouse, Municipality of Tampon, Municipality of Sainte Marie, Municipality of Carcassonne, Municipality of Castelginest, General Council 31, General Council 82, COGEMIP, SPL MP, CRCI Midi-Pyrénées, Departmental equipment directorate of Mayotte, General directorate for civil aviation , SDIS de Haute-Garonne, SDIS Tarn, SEM 12Toulouse Métropole, La Poste, Regional Council Occitania, University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier, EMAC, The Espace Sud Martinique Agglomeration community, Ministry of Defense, University of Cayenne, The Gascogne Toulousaine community of communes, The Atlantis community of communes, The Réalmontais community of communes, Adour Garonne Water Agency, SSLIA Mayotte Airport, Ministry of Interior, SEMDAS, SODIAC, CINOR, CPAM Tarn, C2A, CCAS EDF


Toulouse Airport, Blagnac ; CCI La Rochelle, Caisse d’epargne La Poste, Midi Pyrénées ; Banque Populaire, Groupama, CINOR, CPAM, Marcenac, Orange, Continental, E-Tera, Linkcity, NATEXIS, Le Diamant noir


Jacques Besse Institute, Capio Cedars Clinic, Capio Beaupuy Clinic, Agen hospital center, Albi hospital center, Gérard Marchant hospital center, Toulouse, Decazeville hospital center, Lavaur hospital center, Mayotte hospital center, Montauban hospital center, Gaillac hospital center, Claude Bernard Clinic, L’Envol


La cité Jardin, Habitat Toulouse, Tarn Habitat, SA HLM Millau, Urbat, Greencity, Tarn habitat, FDIM, NEXITY, AD Promotion, CIR, HERACLES, Immo6, Maison Claire, SA HLM Thoré Valley


Vinci, Damathieu & Bard, GBMP,GCC , NGE





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