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    AIRLOG 2

  • AIRBUS Logistics Platform

  • Within the frame of its developmental activity and in order to meet the needs of its assembly plant sites of Colomiers, Toulouse and Blagnac, AIRBUS strengthens its logistic pole located in the municipality of Cornebarrieu, which will be directly linked to the assembly areas of A350, A330, A380 and A320

    The new logistic platform presents a very specific 42 000-m² storage area adapted to aircraft pieces, interiors and equipment.

    The project features a remarkable functionality to the optimal management of the flow related to the building and the complex of the site with the perspective of eventual extensions.

    The project is meant to meet the needs of different modalities of delivery linked to specific products in storage, with dock levellers, also ground and lateral unloading for big sized pieces.

    Il offre des cellules de stockage où la lumière naturelle et l’air ambiant (maitrise des températures et des poussières) sont gérés pour le confort de travail et la préservation des produits de haute technicité qui sont entreposés.

    It presents storage cells where daylight and ambient air (temperature and dust fall management) are controlled to enhance working comfort and to preserve the highly technical products that are in storage.

    AIRLOG 2 has been planned within the frame of a constrained site, presenting an alluring and minimalist industrial architectural image for off-spec products.

  • Airbus
  • REC Architecture, GBMP Bâtiment (leader), Socotrap, PCIng, B6, Bâtiréa, Imaging: Evéo
  • 2018
  • 42 000 m2