Business centre

  • The first public building with positive energy in the Midi-Pyrénées

  • Being the first ZAC Innoprod plan in Albi, this building is meant to be the symbol of innovation and competitiveness, an emblematic initiative of an innovative step of the Community of Albi Agglomeration area. The building, delivered in 2013, relied on solar energy to attain the performances of positive energy site (BPOS). The photovoltaic panels on the south facade have been enhanced as architectural elements essential to its functionality and to the plan style.

    They are the symbol of renewable energy sources. They also play a role as a pedagogic window to sensitize the citizens concerning sustainable development. The whole plan has been conceived for the comfort of the users, therefore natural illumination, natural aeration for utility areas and twin-flow. Sensors, gradable illumination with photoelectric cells, heating and cooling floors sum up an aspect of the architectural and technical perspective of this work, unanimously appreciated by its users.

  • R&C project architect – BET: SERIGE, HQE : TRANSÉNERGIE SUD, Economist: ECSO
  • 2011
  • 2 584 m2
  • 4 100 000 €