• Mayor, Media and urban development in Mondonville

  • Mondonville, located on the outskirts of Toulouse, is going to put its own centre upside down by relocating the old urban core. It will revolve around Saint – Pierre’s Church, an ancient park will be refurbished and the neighbouring historical centre as well. To characterize this area by a strong self-defining feature, a multi-functional building of public interest has to be inserted between the park and the educational buildings: this equipment includes the new town hall, a multimedia library and an activity hall.

    A vast unifying square presents our accomplished project as a representative and monumental building. We have imagined a geometrically simple twin building corpus. They constitute the back of the square scene of the educational buildings, in front of the wooden side and, on a larger scale, it imposes itself to the existent lateral building and to the ones to come.

    The brick, the signature material for Mondonville and the region of Toulouse, allows to establish a certain continuity of hues and material among the square, the facades and the old centre. It dresses up the facades in a modern fashion protecting the thermal covering. The intervention is utterly modern, enhancing the horizontal structure lines and the local clay land mark.

  • Mondonville city
  • REC architect representative of the operation - BET : Serige, Tassera, Emacoustic, Artline, Economist: Alayrac
  • 2016
  • 2 140 m2
  • 4 850 000 €