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    E.Leclerc shopping centre

  • Located on the hills around Ajaccio, the mall in Baléone is a shopping center giving the impression to be the odd one out, not regarding Ile de Beauté but certainly if we consider the French territory context. The owner‘s honest and affirmed position shows how the project management team worked on this project. Baléone goes beyond the conventional aesthetic categories exploring, through its minimalist approach, less travelled architectural paths in France for this kind of project. Its references go beyond our territory too, as the quest for its realization, the quality of each detail witnesses our determined will to welcome its future visitors in the best possible way. Its design, along with its human perspective will be enhanced in the shopping centre, an example of stimulating exploration, where each detail will be conceived in an elegant and timeless perspective.

  • Corsica commercial centre
  • Rec architecture in charge of the project , Giusti et Versini associated architects – BET : Becice, Sete, Idtec, Ceteff, Jrobert, Art et Eau, Emacoustic
  • 2018
  • 61 000 m2
  • 60 000 000 € pre-tax