Fly 10 000

  • At the heart of the Saint Nazaire site, the Airbus project, extending a pre-existent building, has been conceived in tune with the existing process. Functionality, technicality and simplicity are our fundamental ambitions leading us to an effective cost optimisation. In order to host the Belugas, the hall height and the charging station adjust to the needs of each section to promote a higher economic and temporal performance. This transit shed has been conceived as a crossroad place of exchange of aircraft structuring parts.  The ILS deflector aliasing in the facades provided the basic pattern for a sustainable and performing architectural approach.

    Not only technologically innovative with its flexible and sliding doors, its flux of air freighters, this project represented for the REC group a unique moment when we first committed to plan aircraft plants.

  • Airbus
  • REC architect, BET : Setec Sérige urban architect
  • Non-winning project
  • 5 780 m2
  • 4 500 000 € HT