Hospital centre extension and restructuring

  • The extension of a hospital centre extension inserted in a classified UNESCO heritage site…

    A reference hospital complex in the north Tarn, the hospital of Albi has been developed on a constraint property in the town centre. The projects interprets the needs of restructuring and implementing the facilities and care units and it met the premises of continuity and of an intervention which lasted of three years on the site.

    Besides restructuring the inside chemist’s area, the plan aimed at composing a new building meant as accommodation for the obstetrics, paediatrics units as well as medicine and endocrinology. This new wing, linked with the existent area by the control centre medical network and the service areas, designs a patio within the hospital landscape very much appreciated by the users. Besides an asserted functionality, a close attention has been paid to the living place quality, notably creating for the patients big doors windows overlooking the gardens.

    Linking concrete and contemporary clay when needed, the architectural plan fits in with modernity, not only in the hospital architecture but also in town, in direct contact with the town centre, which has been classified as a UNESCO worldwide heritage site.

  • CH of Albi
  • R & C architect, C & H architect - BET: BEFS, BETOM
  • 2010
  • 12 000 m2
  • 20 000 000 €