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Design d'intérieur Concept de gare Anatomie du Pod




  • Elon MUSK, the TESLA and SPACE X media owner, initially relaunched the Hyperloop project, mobilizing now visionary but also competing teams, during the summer 2015. This new means of transport propels cargo capsule or passengers at a very high speed in a very low-pressure tube. It is a truly revolutionary way of travelling, for the business models, the territorial housing and the urban planning.

    Several technologies are envisaged, each one provided by specific firms.

    TRANSPOD, a Canadian start up, gathers University researchers, aeronautic and mechanic engineers, applied physics, etc. The team works with REC concerning the infrastructure, the final equipment as well as the cell design. The project teams are set up on both sides of the Atlantic to carry the project out effectively with an innovative cost and network assessment.

    We are looking for new talents for this innovating adventure…