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    The garden of Silos

  • Long Term Care Unit at the Gérard Marchant Hospital Center

  • The garden of Silos, Long-term care unit, the Gérard Marchant Hospital complex

    The Gérard Marchant hospital complex, an establishment of reference in High Garonne for reception, care and monitoring patients attained by mental illness, has widened its offer with the creation of an 80-bed long-term unit.

    The project is part of the historical general hospital complex plan, respecting the strict building pattern in the middle of a remarkable wooded park, meant to provide a soothing environment.


    Built in a contemporary style and well inserted into the site, the building attains successfully and harmoniously the project premises focused on quality in both its structure and its unit of reception. The place will be functional for the caretakers, but it will be in the first place a mainly supporting structure focused on the care and the enhancement of autonomy of dependent and disoriented old people. The materials, light itself, the views on the outside surroundings and inside the unit have been designed bearing in mind this perspective.

    It is a major priority for our architects to conceive space as life places, a main feature of the REC trend. The cosy atmosphere of the rooms, its circulation, of common areas are a priority in our projects. Therefore, our conception of space draws inspiration from the act of breathing light while walking along the areas. True benchmarks for any visitor, these green areas reveal our purposes, our vision as a volumetric and translation of space meeting the needs and expectations of the hospital complex. Our projects revolve around several pivotal points linked to one another, such as ergonomics, functionality, security, safety, and design along with minimalism …

  • Gérard Marchant Hospital Center
  • REC Associate Architect - GBMP [Company Agent] - BET Tassera - Atmosphere
  • 2017
  • 9 385 m2
  • 7 000 000 €