Image perspective 3D au couché de soleil, depuis la route pour arriver à l'hôtel Image perspective 3D de jour vue de trois quart, depuis le champs devant l'hotel


  • A part of the landscape lotois resort

  • Inscribed in the middle of a rocky circus in the Lot department, the plan is located in the municipality of St Géry. This village showing several medieval buildings is happily inserted in the middle of the Lot valley landscape. The site chosen by the plan is located a little way out of the market place and it makes an ideal frame for an this ambitious plan.

    At the client’s request to create a modern and an amazing hotel with its own restaurant, our main concept is to respect the site, to enhance it creating an equipment without tainting the quality of the place.

    The organization and the final result have to show a privileged relationship between the hotel and its environment in order to pursue a soft and thoughtful inscription. To reach this planning fusion in the meadow, the preliminary space, ascribed to the parking and delivery area, is conceived to be discreet at the most to preserve the forest area. Since the entrance on the site, the building, characterized with flexible forms, settles delicately within its green frame, thanks to a topographical enhancement of the site which is part of the architecture of the hotel complex. The forms of the plan are in tune with the surrounding landscape to give a framed view in each of the rooms and as they were on cliffs. Our concept is simple: we thought of focusing on nature on stage and creating the hotel rooms as alcoves of contemplation. This plan, which is being worked out, focuses on seasons to reveal the landscape, the true architectural topic.

  • NC
  • REC architect representative of the opération - BET: SNC Lavalin, Economist: Alayrac
  • 2018
  • 2 700 000 €