Mother and natural childbirth residential program, private hospital St Jean du Languedoc

  • The first mother and natural childbirth residential program in the Midi-Pyrénées …

    In a world provided with medical care where going back to nature is very fashionable, there is a strong demand for natural childbirth for midwives and obstetricians. However, to give life is not insignificant and a natural childbirth at home can imply certain risks the professionals don’t want to take.

    To find the best solution for this kind of expectation, our client offers, in tune with the doctors’ view, the possibility of finding real comfort in a residential environment reconstructed in a small flat. A convivial and modern living room, including a kitchen, a television and a play area for the children is next to the natural childbirth room. Everything is envisaged in terms of a natural labour and delivery equipment. However, as the obstetrical unit is so close, that it can be reached directly by a door, ensuring a total security for the parturient and the child, keeping anxiety away just in case an accident should happen.

  • Capio
  • REC architect for the operation - Bourdarios general company
  • 2014
  • 120 000 €