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    CAESM Headquarter of the urban community of Espace Sud Martinique

  • Leading entity of a future area of activity in development, the headquarter of the urban community of Espace Sud Martinique stands out as an emblematic building, showing its institutional feature in a discreet way. Well inserted in its landscape context, the building presents very pure long lines in tune with the communitarian space dynamics counterbalanced by curved ones interrupting its whole linearity in order to merge the building within the surrounding landscape. As its language is inspired by the local architecture, the project reinterprets the symmetry of its traditional housing planning, evoking the clay bricks, the jalousie windows and the clear hues on the façade aiming at an environmental exemplarity.

    The whole planning is meant to create a welcoming and open working context on the territory it administrates thanks to its transparencies and aims to be a convivial place thanks to its patios, true landscape havens at the heart of its project.

  • Espace Sud Martinique
  • REC architecture in charge of the project– Alain ZOZOR architect associate– BET : Tassera, Ovalee, BIEB, Gamba, Artline
  • 2019
  • 7 720 m2
  • 14 695 800 € HT