Niel Lanes Car Park

  • A non-anxiety inducing underground car park

  • The underground car park project will be set in the Niel lanes, the historical heart of the old town of Muret. Located between the Louge and the right bank of the Garonne, the Niel lanes are within the perimeter of three sites listed as historic monuments, several business and various equipment. The underground car park project meets the urban and landscape challenges relative to the plan aiming at revitalizing the town centre of Muret:

    – Enhancing diverse functions while choosing the prior target of the project to be in tune with the future development of the Niel Lanes
    – Preserving and enhancing the trade life of the Niel lanes
    – Participating to the creation of a public area in tune with the heritage quality of the old centre
    – Meeting the needs of centre town lots in order to simplify parking conditions, which currently represent a source of difficulty and thus to boost, strengthen and provide a positive and stable contribution to the town centre life.

    The underground car park is designed for 279 parking places, of which 6 for people with disabilities, 2 for families and 11 reserved.

    A split-level solution has been adopted to better optimize space; the underground parking is structured around 6 split-levels, divided every two spit-levels.

    Our architects have conceived a minimalist architecture style associated to a discreet and bright design to boost a visually clear and functional equipment. We focused our attention on the sensorial effects on the users, the structures of volumes, flow and colour references to create a comfortable and non-anxiety inducing car park.

  • Rec architect in charge of the project, Sopreco agent company, NGE, SETI, GTS, Spie batignoles
  • Non-winning project
  • 7 100 m2