• Shopping center and its arcade project

  • A large scale shopping centre, this project revolves around a simple gesture, with purified forms, as the merge of a detailed plan taking into account the tropical area climatic pressures. The plan includes a supermarket, a shopping arcade of boutiques, restaurants and medium surfaces, and will offer nice, comfortable areas with a low environmental impact. Our general approach adopted by the REC group reminds us to consider the context as priority data. This shopping centre has undergone the above mentioned process and it is meant to be deeply inscribed in its territory through the choice of materials and a contemporary reinterpretation of the architectural style of the site. Therefore thanks to a thorough reflexion, and bearing in mind a specific attention to the industrial equipment process, the REC group chose to privilege the realization of a peculiar plan without reproducing an already existent commercial charter in order to give this shopping centre eventually a real identity.

  • NC
  • REC architect representative of the operation
  • 2019
  • 55 000 m2
  • NC