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  • Sports center including fitness room, ballroom, agility course project

  • On the outskirts of the Mantois area and close to the centre of Buchelay in the Yvelines department, the city hall sport centre has to keep up the level with the well-executed restauration of its ancient centre. The plan envisages the three sport hall building (judo, dance and gymnastics), a health course, a pétanque strip, a skatepark, a few tennis grounds as well as a parking extension.

    We chose to dialogue with the existing architecture, but at the same time we supported modernity and the environmental perspective. The building presents a wooden structure, with a modern and warm-hearted outside in metallic facades in a white perforated net framing.

    Aesthetically, the opening dynamics finds its origin in the wheat straw wisp waves planted in this field. The wheat evocation also led to the choice of a fair wooden facade, which is present on all the three buildings on the site.

    We also paid great attention to unbuilt areas, such as the square presenting three different textures, concrete, sand bitumen and turf to give the planning a strong cohesion for this village.

  • Buchelay city
  • REC architect representative of the operation - BET : BETEM , OSMOSE, Video : Les Yeux Carrés
  • 2015
  • 1 650 m2
  • 3 200 000 €