Photographie de la facade de la crèche depuis la cour de récréation Deux photographies. Façade et perspective d'un couloir de la crèche Deux photographies. Façade et perspective du couloir et patio de la crèche


  • Nursery & housing in Charcot street in Albi

  • Inscribed at the core of the Charcot neighbourhood in Albi, this plan includes 22 council flats, a day nursery and a sociocultural centre. The project revolves around a small neighbourhood square to offer an open space and perspective in the middle of a partly restructured cluster of blocks. The program includes 3 council flat buildings ranging from two to five bedrooms. A building is established close to the existent ones of the Paul Claudel council estate. These different buildings are articulated together by green areas and an existent playground which has been moved and restored. The new council flats as well as the existent neighbourhood will benefit from open views towards tree filled and pedestrian areas.

    Bulk and architecture reply to an economic frame demanding a financial savvy budget administration. Therefore, the REC group conceived this contemporary housing with a minimalist appeal providing all future inhabitants a quality accommodation. They all benefit from a double orientation, from luminous flats which are kissed by the sunlight for an average or a good part of the day. All accommodations are introduced by a loggia protected by sliding shutters, a sort of transition areas between the habitat and environment. They play entirely their role of outside extension while respecting the privacy of the inhabitants’ privacy. This plan, which will be delivered in 2014, goes beyond a simple architectural project and will structure a neighbourhood to create quality living places in Albi.

  • Tarn Habitat
  • R&C architect representative of the operation - BET: SOTEC, Economist: E.I.C.B
  • 2014
  • 975 m2
  • 1 200 000 €